Our Work

Russell Investments

We helped a global financial firm serve corporations and governments with small pension funds, enabling them to employ the same strategies as larger funds without paying excessive management fees.

We wrote a series of high-level thought leadership pieces for Russell Investments, creator of the familiar benchmark Russell Indexes, which has approximately $300 billion in assets under management. Working alongside Russell’s portfolio managers, we wrote articles and video scripts for the benefit of pension funds with approximately $300MM – $800MM in AUM, on topics including option strategies, improving returns in a low-growth environment, and the ongoing shift to defined contribution pension plans.

The Hill / VISA

We enabled The Hill to capitalize on its brand and earn more revenue, by developing newsworthy events on pressing issues in technology, finance and security for the largest payments company in the world.

Iambic helped The Hill conceptualize and produce events that brought together opposing interest groups, public officials, and industry leaders. In November 2015, Iambic scripted an event at which VISA — the payments giant with over $3 trillion in annual transaction volume — addressed opposition to chip and pin technology, reasserting its commitment to its customers’ security, and calling attention to its success in issuing over 150 million chip-embedded cards in the U.S. before the October 2015 liability shift.


By showcasing the lives of patients saved by medical research, we helped pharmaceutical companies tell their own stories to legislators and regulators.

The trade group PhRMA serves dozens of leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the fastest growing — and most highly regulated — sectors of the economy. To help the group’s members maintain their ability to conduct cutting-edge research and develop advanced medical treatments, we wrote a range of sponsored content in The Hill, highlighting their successes in combating high cholesterol, their efforts to reduce the racial disparity in the treatment of heart disease, the progress toward cures for neurodegenerative disorders, and the benefits public health improvements bring to the economy.

Office of the Attorney General of D.C.

We helped the District of Columbia’s first-ever elected Attorney General fulfill his historic mandate.

As Washington’s first-ever elected attorney general, Karl Racine faced far greater public scrutiny than his predecessors. Racine, a former assistant White House Counsel for President Bill Clinton, and the first African American managing partner of a top 100 U.S. law firm, had been pushing for local autonomy even before his inauguration, and sought to communicate his office’s objectives and successes to his constituents. We helped Attorney General Racine build his media presence, securing written coverage, and TV and radio appearances to bring a public safety issue — the rising use and abuse of dangerous synthetic drugs — to the attention of national audiences.

No One Left Behind

We helped start a national conversation with millions of Americans on the little-known plight of some of the most vulnerable veterans of war.

No One Left Behind brings Afghans and Iraqis who have risked their lives on behalf of American forces to safety in the United States. As a small non-profit with limited resources and staff, No One Left Behind sought strategic guidance and earned media support in pursuit of a home-run media hit: something that could gain widespread attention from the public and potential donors at the same time. On a pro bono basis, Iambic helped NOLB land a daytime TV hit on Ellen, reaching millions of viewers — a major victory for the organization, and for some of the most vulnerable veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.